Breathing can help you overcome jealousy

Feeling jealous is an extremely natural emotion. However, when this emotion gets too far, it brings out several demons within us. There are countless fights and arguments couples have unnecessarily because of illegitimate jealousy. That’s because a relationship brings out each party’s vulnerability ... [..]

How taking a walk can help jealousy

Jealousy is a feeling with several negative emotions. These can be fear, insecurity, anxiety or the prediction that someone or something very dear to you is going to leave your grasp. Jealousy is something that can bring you down in every aspect of your life from your work life to your social life. ... [..]

Therapy is a good cure for jealousy

Jealousy is something everyone faces in their romantic life. It’s as natural as the feeling of love itself and it happens when we feel insecure about ourselves or think that we are about to lose the one we love. We start thinking all kinds of negative things that bring us down and cause us to be dep... [..]

The next time you feel jealous, go for a jog

We’ve all felt jealous before. Jealousy is usually linked with insecurity and fear and these two things can take you down a long road to depression. You can feel jealous when one of your peers becomes more successful than you. More often than not, you mostly feel jealous when your romantic partner i... [..]

If you get jealous, talk to your friends and family

Everyone gets jealous when they’re in a romantic relationship. It’s natural when our partner does or says something that makes us feel insecure about ourselves. Naturally, we don’t want to lose them so we start thinking all kinds of dreadful things. Maybe we’re not smart enough, pretty enough, matur... [..]