Breathing can help you overcome jealousy

Feeling jealous is an extremely natural emotion. However, when this emotion gets too far, it brings out several demons within us. There are countless fights and arguments couples have unnecessarily because of illegitimate jealousy. That’s because a relationship brings out each party’s vulnerability and if one party feels insecure, its extremely hard to overcome it. However, if you are in a healthy, loving relationship but you are feeling jealous for no particular reason, you are deliberately causing undue stress on your relationship and another person’s life. The best way to avoid it is to calm yourself down and to think things through.

Picture a girl feeling jealous because her boyfriend complimented another girl. The things that run through her head are: Why did he compliment her? Does he like her? Does he think she’s better than me? Does he secretly want to be with her? Maybe the guy had none of these thoughts and was making an innocent comment, but jealousy can turn this into a screaming match because the girl’s insecurity came to play. At that moment of anger, she can say things or do things which are undeserved and extremely hurtful to the relationship. Feeling jealous for no reason can cause incredible stress to a relationship, especially when the other party isn’t doing anything wrong. In order to stop being unfair to the other party, you need to calm yourself down and stabilise your emotions.

Taking deep breaths will help you get your heart rate steady and it will calm you down so that you don’t end up doing something crazy. Breathing full from the lungs and exhaling slowly will relax you instantaneously. If you feel that you’re too upset to see him right now, excuse yourself and go for a walk, just take some time to yourself and concentrate on your breathing. If the other party feels hurt that you’re leaving all of a sudden because you’re upset, reassure him that you just need to calm down and that you’ll come back to him. It’s far better than spewing hurtful venom at him where he doesn’t deserve it.

Taking time off and breathing can help you calm down and collect yourself. If you need to cry a little, you can, but reassure yourself that you’re feeling jealous unnecessarily. Reason with yourself why you’re not justifiably feeling jealous and just calm down so that you don’t do anything that’ll harm your relationship.

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