If you get jealous, talk to your friends and family

Everyone gets jealous when they’re in a romantic relationship. It’s natural when our partner does or says something that makes us feel insecure about ourselves. Naturally, we don’t want to lose them so we start thinking all kinds of dreadful things. Maybe we’re not smart enough, pretty enough, mature enough etc. maybe my partner is falling in love with someone else. These are all terrible but sadly natural things that happen to every one of us. It will only get worse if we let it fester.

When these things go on in our mind, we just let them rot and infect our souls. We start beating ourselves up and keep we tell ourselves all kinds of negative things which bring us down, all of which are horrible things to do. What you need to do in this time is to get some perspective. If we think about these things alone, we’ll get caught up in our own thread of thoughts and keep thinking we’re right. For example: If I get jealous that my boyfriend is being too friendly with another girl, I’d start thinking that maybe that girl is perfect for him, has everything he wants, is prettier than me etc. Maybe these aren’t true but we’re so caught up in our thoughts that we can’t think of other possibilities. That’s why we should talk to someone reliable who can help sort us out of this mess.

Talking to your loved ones can really help you in this situation. If you’re really happy in your relationship, then the people you love will take both sides in this relationship because this relationship was good to you. You can talk to them and discuss your fears. You can tell them everything you think is making you jealous and they can point you out if you’re doing something wrong. It’s always good to take advice from your loved ones because they have your best interests at heart. If your fears are legitimate, then they can help you make the right decisions. The best thing that they can give you is support.

When you are feeling jealous for any reason and it is affecting your relationship, you really need a support group to help steer you in the right direction. Having a group of family and friends to help you make things easier will help you gain more perspective and help you deal with your issues easier.

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