The next time you feel jealous, go for a jog

We’ve all felt jealous before. Jealousy is usually linked with insecurity and fear and these two things can take you down a long road to depression. You can feel jealous when one of your peers becomes more successful than you. More often than not, you mostly feel jealous when your romantic partner is giving you cause to feel insecure.

Everyone is insecure in this world. No one can guarantee that they’re so perfect, no one will ever leave them. Of course there are other people who are better than you! But you need to have faith in your romantic partner that he or she won’t betray and if they do, then you need to accept the fact that they might leave you for their own personal gains. It’s a harsh truth but it’s the extreme case in jealousy. When you’re feeling jealous, you don’t know if it is rational or irrational. There are lots of men out there who won’t let their woman look at another guy. And there are lots of women out there who can’t stand it if their man talks to another girl. These are the farthest end of jealousy and insecurity and going that far is like trapping your partner and giving them ever more reason to leave you.

The next time you’re jealous, grab your jogging shoes and go for a run. Here’s why you should. Jealousy leads to insecurity and depression. Exercise can combat both of these emotions because the exercise releases endorphins or ‘feel good’ hormones. Going for a long jog not only gives you time to rethink your perspective, it also makes you feel good about yourself. There’s a feeling of achievement when you go for a run. You are deliberately challenging your body to strain harder and you’re getting stronger as a result. Not only are you strong enough to take the strain, you’re getting more in shape which makes you look more attractive, so you get a boost in your self confidence. Going for a job is also therapeutic and soothing and will help calm you down when you’re angry. The fresh air you get from jogging will help you relax and think clearly so you stop feeling angry after a while.

The exercise from jogging is going to help you take your mind off of your troubles so you can get plan your next move on what you should or shouldn’t do.

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