What is jealousy?

We have all been jealous, but for some, it becomes a problem. Jealousy can make your life unbearable and your relationship a nightmare.

When you are jealous, you very often have several different reactions:

  • One is jealous thoughts such as : "I suspect that my partner is secretly seeing someone" or "I am worried that someone may be chasing after my partner".
  • You can also have emotional reactions by being angry and/or sad.
  • You may experience bodily reactions as being stomach pain or being restless.
  • You can also have behavioral problems such as controlling your partner and looking for evidence that your partner is cheating on you.

All these reactions are signs that you are jealous, but you do not need to exhibit of them to be jealous. You only need one or two strong reactions. How each of us experiences jealousy can be very different.

Are you jealous?

What about you, are you jealous ? Do you have some jealous thoughts or reactions?

If you think you are jealous it may be a good idear to get rid of them. Maybe it's time to test you for jealousy? You can do this by taking this jealousy test.

What is Jealousy-Free ?

Jealousy-Free is a online self-development program that gives you the tools and power to overcome your jealousy. The program is built on scientific methods and techniques and is optimized to identify those tools that are most effective based on the type of jealousy problem you have.

Behind the program?

The program was developed by professionals with extensive knowledge and years of experience in treating people with problems dealing with jealousy.

Behind the program is Lasse Ebbesen, who has been very successful in freeing people from jealousy. Some people could become free of jealousy after a consultation. With this knowledge and experience, a jealousy-free program was developed.

Introduction To Jealousy Free

Jealousy Free can be run on mobiles, tablets and computers.

Jealousy Free Guarantee

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